The Cherokee Boulevard clean up day on December 13 was a great success. Sixteen friends and neighbors gave up their Saturday morning and braved cold temperatures to clear leaves from the median and help spruce up our beautiful neighborhood.  The volunteers included Gaines Pittenger, Olga Crumpton, Rich Wright, Susan Wright, Reed Crumpton, Mike Hamil, Twi Truh, Valerie Nicholson, Brian Hemel, Ross Treakle, Maggie Nicholson, Chris Quinn, Sandy Gillespie, Jim Johnston, Judith Johnston, and Edward Nicholson. We may have missed a few folks who joined in unannounced.  Some of these volunteers are not even residents of Sequoyah Hills, but were happy to help. We used blowers and rakes to neatly move leaves in the median to the edge of the street so that the city vacuum trucks could easily remove them.  KP-SHA greatly appreciates everyone’s efforts!

Keeping Cherokee Boulevard neat looking isn’t just a task for special clean up days, of course, and it’s especially important that we not contribute our own mess.  For example, it was hard for the volunteers not to notice that while they were working someone was blowing leaves from their yard onto the median. Piling leaves on the median is not only a violation of city statues, it obviously makes the median unattractive.  It also didn’t help that the volunteers had to step carefully to avoid the pet waste, both bagged and unbagged, strewn along the sides of the path.

Please be respectful of the public areas of our beautiful neighborhood.  Make sure your lawn maintenance crew places your yard debris no farther than your own curb line and do not dispose of any debris in public locations such as Cherokee Boulevard median, Talahi Park, Whitlow Park, and so forth. And always bag and dispose of your pet’s waste in provided containers. Of course, when you’re out walking, pick up any trash you see. We’re all responsible for keeping our neighborhood beautiful.