Welcome to the first online edition of the KP-SHA newsletter!  Perhaps part of the reason we enjoy our old-fashioned neighborhood is because the rest of our world is changing so rapidly.  While protecting the character of our neighborhood, however, it is important that KP-SHA keep up with the communications technologies that everyone is becoming accustomed to. 

The KP-SHA Facebook page has been a huge success.  In no time at all, it has accumulated over 700 participants, and more neighbors join the fun each month.  The Facebook page is turning out to be an important way of sharing all sorts of things with each other, and it will grow even more valuable as an increasing proportion of the neighborhood participate.

With this first issue of 2015, KP-SHA is taking its newsletter into the digital age!  This is the first issue of our newsletter that will be sent to member’s email addresses as a link to a newsletter web page.  There are some valuable advantages to making this change.  Perhaps most importantly, a digital format will remove the space limitations forced by a paper version, which will allow us to include more articles, information, and graphics.  This approach will also allow the use of color, which will make everything more visually interesting.  A digital format will permit us to include video and links to other files, and this will allow some entertaining and convenient options.  Finally, this format will reduce the annual cost of the newsletter, which means we can use the funds to serve the neighborhood in other ways.

There are challenges as well, of course.  A few folks will prefer to receive a paper version, and we will accommodate this preference to the extent possible.  However, the customary three-panel paper version will not be able to handle all of the articles included in the digital version because of its more substantial content, and it will remain a black and white production.  We hope that most everyone will be delighted to receive the online newsletter.  Of course, this means that it will be important to make sure that KP-SHA has your current email address, so you need to remember to let us know when you change your email address.