Happy New Year from the KP-SHA Board of Directors!  It was a busy year for Sequoyah Hills; we would like to share some of our achievements and highlights in 2014.

Membership and Community Involvement

An impressive 57 households - who had never been members of KP-SHA - chose to join for the first time in 2014, and we set a record (by thousands of dollars!) for the total dues paid in one year.  Thank you to the new members, as well as the hundreds of other households who help keep Sequoyah Hills such an amazing place to live.  Our Facebook page is extremely active; our website (sequoyahhills.org) has seen increased traffic, and our Neighborhood Email Network (NEN) is an effective communication program. Please email Lisa Carroll with any questions: lcarroll@icx.net

Talahi Park Restoration

2014 was a great year for Talahi Park.  The restoration and stabilization of the structures and fencing was completed in April with the ribbon cutting ceremony coinciding with the opening of the Dogwood Arts Festival.  Twelve hornbeam trees, chosen for their size, upright growth, and autumn color, were planted in the interior of the park. Thanks to a donation from Creekside Nurseries in early spring, the ground was leveled and grass seed was planted.  This fall, the Talahi lawn was professionally prepared for new grass in the spring of 2015.  The final piece of the Phase 1 restoration plan was complete when eight hand-made concrete park benches were added between the hornbeam trees in late December. Please contact KP-SHA’s board member, Lisa Walsh, at lisawalsh74@gmail.com or Sequoyah Hills Preservation Society’s president, Melinda Ethier, at melindaethier@gmail.com if you have questions.  

Pet Waste Stations

For the last couple of years, KP-SHA has partnered with the Tennessee Izaak Walton League (an organization that focuses on cleaning and restoring East Tennessee’s water supply) to install and maintain seven pet waste stations near the Boulevard and in Talahi Park. The stations have been extremely effective - over 15,000 bags were used in 2014, and the feedback has been great. KPSHA is planning to add more stations and waste cans in the next few months. A new receptacle was recently installed in Whitlow Park, and we would like to get feedback from residents on other locations that might be helpful.  Please email your ideas and suggestions to Dennis Owen at kpsequoyahhills@gmail.com.  The stations have to be purchased, installed, serviced and refilled using private funding. 

Cherokee Boulevard Update

KP-SHA continues to work closely with City officials, neighborhood residents, and outside volunteer organizations to coordinate the improvement and maintenance of Cherokee Boulevard. Chair, Edward Nicholson, with much assistance from Jim Johnston and other Board members, oversaw two bus loads of UT students as they cleaned the 2.6 mile Boulevard and other public, neighborhood areas. This effort greatly helped us showcase our neighborhood during the Dogwood Arts Festival during which Sequoyah Hills was the featured trail in 2014.  In December, KP-SHA coordinated many neighbors who worked together for a Boulevard Clean-up Day, blowing leaves, raking, and picking up sticks.


The Labor Day picnic was a sunny success this year! There was great BBQ, two potluck dessert tables and all American music by the Real Garage Band.  The Easter Egg Hunt & Parade was, as always, a very popular event at Talahi Park.  We hope you and your family will join the festivities this year.

Memorial Trees and Benches

The Memorial Tree Program continued to offer our neighbors and friends the opportunity to honor loved ones by placing a memorial/celebration plaque on the Cherokee Boulevard median. In 2014, we installed ten new granite markers. Neighbor Judith Johnston took over the program in April; please contact her at johnston-judith@comcast.net if you are interested in a tree or bench.  

Treasurer’s Report

Despite significant expenses in 2014, the financial situation of KP-SHA continues to remain strong. Steady revenue growth has enabled us to protect the character of our neighborhood, complete more projects and support community events. On a monthly basis in 2014, the Board reviewed all financial reporting. In addition, the required IRS Non-Profit tax return and TN State Corporate Annual reports were filed on time with no issues. 

New Neighbor Reception

For the fifth year, KP-SHA welcomed new homeowners to the neighborhood with a Sunday afternoon reception. This year, it was held at the welcoming home of Brittany & Whitfield Bailey, complete with a Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar next to a roaring outside fire. This has been a great way to help new residents connect with our neighbors and KP-SHA.  

Zoning and Code Enforcement

We were vigilant and successful in our efforts to preserve the residential integrity of our neighborhood in 2014. Sequoyah Hills’ zoning laws are created to protect our collective property rights by ensuring that the area we all call home maintains its residential character.  With the threat of the residential integrity of Sequoyah Hills at stake in 2014 with a zoning change request, KP-SHA was astounded by the overwhelming majority of neighbors who called, emailed, texted, and met with us to express their adamancy of opposing the request and keeping the master zoning plan intact. While a zoning change request is highly unusual in Sequoyah Hills, many neighbors ask for variances. KP-SHA has a record of supporting such changes when the neighbors are in agreement and of discouraging them when the neighbors are not in favor.  Neighbor Jim Bletner deserves special recognition for his tireless work with neighbors and City leaders to keep Sequoyah Hills the historical and beautiful neighborhood we love. 


    The six stone columns on Scenic Drive were planted with Macho Ferns in the spring, until they were replaced with festive wreaths in the winter. 
    KP-SHA provided funding and worked with the City and the Sequoyah Hills 
Preservation Society to install a stone bench and landscaping at the new greenspace (Lutz Park) at the intersection of Scenic Drive, Southgate and Bluff View.
    Steps are in place to revitalize our Neighborhood Watch Program. Details coming soon.
    KP-SHA set up a meeting with Caroline Cooley, President of Bike Walk Knoxville, for 
neighbors to learn more about the process of adding sidewalks to residential streets.

Finally, we are deeply grateful to all of you who have joined and donated to KP-SHA. We hope you share our pride in this culturally diverse, aesthetically and geographically unique, and historically significant neighborhood.  Please let any Board member know if you have questions or suggestions.  We encourage you to contact KP-SHA President Sallie Namey (Sallie@NameyDesign.com) if you want to work with any KP-SHA committee.  We will certainly welcome your support.