Although the number is small, a group of faithful volunteers weed and tend the 14 shrub beds on Cherokee Boulevard from season to season, many from year to year. So that you may thank them, they are: Judith Johnston, Olga Crumpton, Bruce Raulston, Hopie Carlson, Christian O’Hern, Janet White, Sherry King, Denise Anderson, Jessica and Terrell McGhee, Nancy Bills, Wanda Wagner, Pamela Fritts, Elaine Powell, and Sandy Carr. 

Volunteers Judith Johnston and Kirstin Kropilak are working their way down the Boulevard uncovering and cleaning the Memorial Tree Plaques. Many thanks to Allan Morgan for digging out the bed at the Keowee roundabout so that a permanent ground cover could
be planted.

The Sunhouse fountain beds, the gardens at Scenic/Southgate, and 7 island beds are planted and maintained professionally. All of this is funded by your donations to the KP-SHA Beautification Committee. These beds are overseen by Tamara Warner, Barbara Hillard, and Nancy Bills.

If you have a little extra time and energy, please consider helping further the beautification of the neighborhood. It requires only 2-4 hours per month, gardening hand tools, and a bucket or tarp for weeds ..... no experience needed. Contact