One of the many delights of our neighborhood is that no two homes and properties are alike.  We unavoidably share our lovely tree-shaded streets, however, and nothing could be more important than making sure they are safe for everyone.  

It shouldn’t be news that a few months ago, the city reduced the speed limit in Sequoyah Hills from 30 mph to 25 mph, which matches the speed limit in most city neighborhoods.  It may not seem that this is a big change, but it encourages drivers to pay more attention to what is going on around them.  Is that car going to back out of a driveway?  Does that bicyclist know that you’re coming up from behind and will want to pass?  Is there yet another squirrel trying to decide which way to run?  Is there plenty of room to get around that lawn care truck?  Are there kids playing in the yard who might forget how close the street is?  This monolog is called defensive driving, and it easier to do well at slower speeds.

To help us remember to obey the new speed limit, the city will soon be placing a moveable radar speed sign in the neighborhood for a while and may do so again as needed.  We all know the surprise of seeing our speed flash up as we approach one of these devices showing that we’re driving faster than we should be.  That’s a reminder to SLOW DOWN!  If these radar reminders aren’t enough, KPD may offer a more expensive alternative in the form of a speeding ticket.  They will continue to patrol the neighborhood.

One of the most important reasons to slow down is that too often there is a jogger nearby, especially on Cherokee Boulevard.  Yes, they are supposed to run on the 2.6 mile running path in the median, but many stretches of the path are not very smooth due to erosion of the fine gravel surface.  KPSHA is working with the city on plans to rebuild the path (see the Spring newsletter for more on this), but in the meanwhile too many joggers are moving over into the street.  As drivers know, they could be anywhere – running with or against traffic and on the inside or outside of the lane.  Cars and joggers don’t mix well, and serious injuries are almost inevitable when they meet.  This kind of accident is not only really bad for joggers, can you imagine how you would feel as the driver?  WATCH OUT FOR JOGGERS!