It appears that Lakemoor Hills and the surrounding area have “dodged a bullet.”  Not too long ago, the Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) received a "Use on Review" request from Branch Towers, LLC for a 190-foot cell phone tower to be built at 3509 Blow Drive in Lakemoor Hills. (The photo shows a cell tower photo shopped to scale as it would be seen from Sequoyah Park.)  This location is across the river from the western end of Cherokee Blvd near Scenic Drive and Blows Ferry Road. The property is also adjacent to the Speedwell Manor property, one of the historic homes in the middle of Lakemoor Hills. The proposed cell tower would have been more than 100 feet higher than the tree canopy.

The Lakemoor Hills Home Owners Association vigorously opposed this request and asked members of KP-SHA to support them.  It is difficult to challenge the building of a cell phone tower, however.  The "aesthetic impact" it may have on a neighborhood or community cannot be used as a reason to oppose the request, but the Lakemoor Hills Home Owners Association went to work on other approaches to opposing this construction, and some of the neighbors even filed a lawsuit.


It’s hard to be sure of the reasons, but the company recently withdrew the cell tower application, supposedly because they could not meet the grading requirements.  The company is apparently looking for another site, however, so the Lakemoor Hills activists are not tearing up their protest signs just yet.  For now, congratulations to our neighbors on the other side of the river!