The early yellow blossoms of Winter Aconite peeping through the snow in February and then the white Blood Root, Virginia Bluebells, and Celandine Poppies – together they tell us that spring is on its way.  We have our very own seasonal timeline in our fledgling neighborhood wildflower and native fern garden on the Indian Mound.  Neighbors rescued the garden three years ago from a tangle of Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper winding around numerous Yucca plants and began to transplant wildflowers and ferns from their own yards.  A generous gift last year of an entire wildflower garden from Mrs. James Scott, Sr., mother of Jim Scott (Jeannie), helped greatly. Her many Trillium, both red and yellow, are blooming, accompanied by Woodland Phlox, Columbine, Crested Iris, wild Geraniums, and Solomon’s Seal.  

Stop by often to see what each week’s sunshine and rain bring.  That’s the fun of wildflower gardens!  Recent plantings for summer bloom include Queen Ann’s Lace, Bee Balm, Oxeye Daisies, and coneflowers. Our wish list includes Jack in the Pulpits and Maidenhair ferns as well.  Wildflowers are most beautiful when massed, so if you have plants you would like to donate or if you would be willing to help maintain the bed, please contact Nancy Bills at