On Saturday March 7th, David Massey and his staff in the City of Knoxville Office of Neighborhoods hosted a well-organized and informative Neighborhood Conference at the downtown Knoxville Convention Center.  Over 700 people participated in the event. 

The theme of this year's conference was "Connecting Neighborhoods, Building Community."  Both city and county mayors and their administrations strongly supported the event, and it was an excellent opportunity to meet representatives from city and county agencies and to share neighborhood issues with others.  
The conference offered 32 workshops led by panels of neighborhood leaders and city and county department representatives. Workshops included topics such as "Why Zoning Matters to Your Neighborhood," "MPC/BZA 101," "Know Your Government: City Administration," "Top Cops: Law Enforcement Issues and Concerns," "How to Apply for Grants," "Four Legged Neighbors,"  "City Council Meet and Greet," and "County Commission Meet and Greet."
In addition to the workshops there were 81 information booths representing various local businesses, government agencies, and volunteer groups.  Several of these booths were manned by Sequoyah Hills residents.  KP-SHA Board Members Lisa Walsh, Dennis Owen, and Sandy Gillespie were among the volunteers who helped the Office of Neighborhoods put on this year's Neighborhood Conference.
There will be a similar event next year, so plan on joining the crowd!