Our Cherokee Boulevard median is a favorite route for walkers and runners in the neighborhood.  The walking path presents some challenges, however, because the fine gravel surface is often washed out by heavy rains, especially in several of the steeper sections.  This uneven surface sometimes encourages runners to take to the street, which presents obvious traffic risks.  Sallie Namey (KPSHA president) and Edward Nicholson (chair of the boulevard committee) have brought this situation to the attention of Knoxville City maintenance officials on several occasions over the past few months.

Lori Goerlich, Parks and Greenway Coordinator, along with David Brace and other city personnel, have recommended that a crushed concrete material be used to repair these washed out areas, instead of the usual method of excavating and filling these areas with more of the fine gravel.  City personnel believe that this crushed concrete material will better stabilize erosion.  Lori Goerlich has agreed to provide KPSHA board members with a sample of this material before preliminary work proceeds this fall in a pilot location, probably in an area between Kennesaw and Keowee.

KPSHA would like to thank Steve and Sherry McCallum for calling attention to the seriousness of this problem.  If you are aware of other boulevard issues KPSHA needs to address, please contact Edward Nicholson.  We will keep the neighborhood updated on this project.