The City of Knoxville is competing against 49 other mid-sized cities in the Georgetown University Energy Prize to win a $5 million prize for reducing its energy consumption the most.  Knoxville Scores is the residential side of this two-year contest that ends in December 2016.  The contest comes out of the City Office of Sustainability.  Knoxville Scores is the residential side of that contest.  More than twenty organizational partners are leading the charge toward victory.

Knoxville Scores’ winning game plan is for Knoxville homeowners to get a TVA home energy audit through its eScore program.  The energy audit gives you recommendations on how to save on your energy bill, and eScore offers rebates on the most effective efficiency measures.  

Knoxville Scores has a goal of 1000 completed eScores by the end of this year, and by the end of July, Knoxville had already completed nearly 750!  Currently, Knoxville ranks 13th in the contest.  

Want a free home eScore audit?  The TVA eScore home energy audit by itself costs $75.  You can get a free energy audit when you get your home heating system tuned up for the winter plus you will get back a $15 TVA rebate.  Many contractors will have special deals, charging between $59 - 100.  Once the tune-up is done by a Quality Control Network contactor and it submits the paperwork to TVA, schedule your free audit through eScore.  To learn more and setup an eScore account, go to the eScore website. 

Want to do more and get others to help lead Knoxville to victory?  Reach out to others and ask them to get an eScore energy audit for their homes.  Spread the word within your family, faith group, workplace, civic groups, and clubs.  Knoxville Scores is ready to present a program to your group.

By saving energy within our homes, everyone wins.  Not only do you bring Knoxville closer to victory over the other cities, but you will reap the many benefits of energy efficiency.  If you live in an older home and want to spend less on your heating and cooling bills, this contest is for you!  To learn about more about how to Be a Winner, visit the Knoxville Scores website.